The 2022 Plant Sales is now underway and can be located in Dollar at the footpath on Strachan Crescent, on Hillfoots Road beside the car park and at Dollarís Deli on Bridge street. Sales are open all day, every day and during opening hours at the Deli. Sales continue at least until the Open Gardens weekend of 21st/22nd May when plants will also be available on Saturday, 21st May, at the Hive in Dollar as part of Dollar Open Gardens.
As the weather is warming up there is a steady, continuing supply of plants at the stalls. Most plants are £3.00 and will suit Dollar conditions as they have been grown in the town.

The Gardens will be open between 1.30 and 4.30 on the afternoons of May 21st and 22nd. There are 25 gardens in total, scattered throughout the town, some of which have not been opened before so there will be added interest.
Teas will be served at The Hive between 1.00pm and 4.30pm, there is also a sustainability festival run by the Development Trust in the marquee at The Hive with activities and interest for children.
Tickets for the Gardens cost £7.00 (free to under 16s) and will go on sale at the Deli, Devlins and The Sorting Office. Tickets will also be available on the day at The Hive and from a stall on Bridge St. There will be a plant sale at The Hive, run by Dollar Horticultural Club, on the Saturday afternoon.
Proceeds will go to Strathcarron Hospice and Dollar Community Development Trust.

Flower Show, Saturday, 3rd September
in the Burnside Hall

There are some new classes this year which will need some early preparation.

In the Vegetable Section we now have a class for a chilli plant, to have this ready with ripe chillies in September it would be best to get the seeds started off now in March.

We are also having the Sunflower Class for children again this year and these seeds could be started off inside and now in March.

In the Preserve Section there is a new class for fruit liqueur, hope you haven't drunk all the sloe gin you made last season.

At Dollar Open Gardens we are hoping to sell environmentally friendly oasis for the floral arts classes.

Full details of all the classes will be available shortly.

Dollar Horticultural & Garden Club
'Your Neighbourhood Write Up'

Following the visit by the "It's Your Neighbourhood" assessor on 16th July 2021 Juliette Camburn, Community Projects Officer of Keep Scotland Beautiful, expressed her thanks to the Dollar group for taking the time to show round and chat with volunteer Ďassessorí Sara. She also added her "Congratulations" and a copy of "Itís Your Neighbourhood Award 2021" is posted below.
For Itís Your Neighbourhood 'Write Up' for 2021 Click here.

Plant Sale 2021
Total: £2,900.00
Thanks to all our supporters who generously bought or donated plants to reach this wonderful total. We have donated £1,000 to Strathcarron Hospice from the Plant Sale proceeds.

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  • The Dollar Tulips - April 2021
  • Burnside Planting - October 2020
  • Making Things Better - September 2020
  • DHGC Virtual Flower, Craft & Produce Show 2020
    Unfortunately, with conditions imposed by the covid pandemic, it was necessary to cancel the 2020 Flower Show. Undaunted, however, a 'virtual' alternative was arranged with photographic entries submitted on-line. Open to all, near and far, it was well supported by regulars and others as set out at the link below.

    A great big thank you to all the people who supported the plant sale this year. We made a fantastic £3,000. This great result has meant that we are able to send a donation of £2,000 to Strathcarron Hospice.

    DOLLAR - Nestling at the foot of the Ochils some 14 miles east of Stirling on the A91 Dollar derives its name from the Celtic language - "dolour" or sadness. It is hard to understand how such a lovely spot came to be given such an unfortunate name. There is a claim that the answer lies in a local folk tale which recounts the story of a princess who died of a broken heart in the castle there - Castle Gloom. Despite this, Castle Campbell as it now is, must surely be one of the most picturesquely situated in Scotland. Set against the splendid backdrop of the hills and accessed through Dollar Glen, a wooded valley carrying the "Burn of "Sorrow" and the "Burn of Care", it commands a panoramic view of the Devon valley and beyond to the Forth estuary and the Pentland hills. The main feature in the town itself is the renowned Dollar Academy, founded by John Mcnab in the 19th century. A co-educational boarding school it draws its students from far and wide and its elegant colonaded facade sits comfortably in the surrounding countryside.

    Click here for map

    Dollar Horticultural Society

    Dollar Horticultural Society as it was once known is now over 125 years old and still attracting around 150 entries to the Annual Flower Show.

    In the early years at Dollar there was a dairy section which attracted a lot of interest from the surrounding farms and estates with classes for cheese, butter and eggs. The prizes were also prestigious as can be seen from the medal* for the most points in the show which the prize winner kept for life.

    The present committee have tried to keep up to date with trends and have introduced a very popular photography class that replaced the wine class which in turn had replaced the honey class.

    The past few years have seen entries in the vegetable section increase as the interest in producing your own vegetables for the home has grown in popularity.

    If you have a suggestion for a class that you think would be popular please speak to any committee member. We are keen to see the club continue in Dollar and need your support on the day of the show and throughout the year.

    *Click to view Medal awarded 1929


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