For the Prize-winners


  • Silver Shield presented by Mr H.J. Inches for best exhibit in cut flower classes 1-13.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mr and Mrs. Harvie for best exhibit in cut flower classes 14-25.
  • McNamara cup presented by Dent family for best exhibit in Dahlia Classes.
  • Rose Bowl presented by Dr and Mrs J.D.T. Wilson for most points in cut flower classes.
  • Rose Bowl presented by Mrs. Gascoigne for best exhibit in roses.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mr A. Mitchell for best exhibit in pot plants.
  • Centenary Cup for Best Bowl of Mixed Cut Flowers in Class 26.
  • Silver Cup presented by ex Provost and Mrs. J. C. Shaw for best exhibit in vegetable classes.
  • Quaich presented by Mr. D. Dorward for most points in vegetable classes.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Walls for best exhibit in floral art classes.
  • Grace Campbell Cup for Best Miniature Arrangement Class 84.
  • Silver Cup presented by Dr. and Mrs. W.Y. Galloway for most points in baking classes.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mrs. N. Clark for best exhibit in baking.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mrs. J. Halley for most points in knitting and handwork.
  • Belle Russell Cup presented by Mrs. Marshall, Glenfoot for most points in jam classes.
  • Silver cup presented by Mrs. D. G. Marshall for most points in knitting, handcraft, baking and jam classes.
        Points must be won in each section.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mr. and Mrs. D. Toon for best overall in novice classes, 88, 98 and 108.
        This cup cannot be won twice by the same person.
  • Silver Shield presented by Mr and Mrs. J. King for best in handwork.
  • Silver Cup for most points in children’s classes 119-122, up to and including age 5.
  • Marshall Trophy presented by Mrs. Marshall for smost points in classes 123-126, age 6 -10.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mr. A. Mitchell for most points in classes 127-130, age 11-15.
  • Tait Cup for best exhibit in class 117, miniature garden.
  • Silver Shield presented by Mr. and Mrs R. R. Henderson for best exhibit in all children’s classes.
  • Silver Cup presented by Mr D Bradley for Best Exhibit in photographs.
  • Silver Cup presented to Young Photographer of the Year in class 118.
  • Henry Campbell Cup for Best Overall Exhibit in classes 1 – 26 or classes 45 – 79.

    Prize Money
    We have simplified our approach to prize money. In adult classes we no longer offer prize money unless specified in the schedule. Instead each adult cup or trophy will be awarded a prize of £5.00. In children’s classes we continue to award prizes in each class, £1 for 1st, 50p. for 2nd and 30p. for 3rd. There will be a prize of £2 for each child’s cup. While these changes retain the traditional competitive aspects of the show, our aim is to encourage exhibits from all types of garden and gardeners with a view to informing, entertaining and stimulating those who come to the show. No garden is too small – no interest is too way-out to participate.

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